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Modern cooking classes kitchen
Italian cooking classes by chef Rocco
Outdoor traditional pizza oven
Dining setting for cooking class

Cooking Classes - Lessons

Schedule and Bookings

Classes will be held two days a week, Monday and Wednesday, from 5:30 PM, for a small group of up to six people (or more if you are a party).  Other days are also available, please let us know which day suits you better and we will try our best to meet your request.

We also have cooking classes for those with gluten intolerance and for kids; please contact us for more details.

So, what are you waiting for? Just bring your apron and be ready to have a great experience for a special night out: nice food and wine and... a lot of fun!  For more information or cooking class schedules, contact us or call Mara on (07) 4124 5454.

Enjoy a delicious meal and Italian wine

After each class you'll enjoy dinner on the house and wine degustation. Wines have been imported directly from Piemonte (Italy) and have been selected to compliment different dishes.


$80.00 per person per lesson.

If you are looking for a unique present, gift vouchers are available to surprise your loved ones or friends with this special treat!

Cooking class schedule

Lesson 1
La pasta fresca
Home made fresh pasta

  • How to make the dough
  • Pasta shapes assortment: tagliatelle, tajarin, maltagliati, farfalle, pappardelle, gnocchetti, orecchiette
  • Green Lasanga


  • Tagliatelle con pancetta e porri (tagliatelle with bacon and leek)
  • Gnocchetti con ratatouille (little gnocchi with vegetable ragù)
  • Lasagne verdi con ragù di agnello (green lasagna with lamb ragù)


Arneis, Dolcetto d’Alba

Lesson 2
La pasta fresca
Home made fresh pasta

  • How to make the dough
  • Filled pasta shapes assortment: panzerotti, tortelli, ravioli del plin, agnolotti (which each different fillings and sauces)


  • Ravioli del plin di pollo (ravioli filled with chicken or rabbit and herbs) with butter and sage sauce
  • Tortelli di zucca (tortelli filled with pumpkin and ricotta) walnut sauce
  • Panzerotti di magro (panzerotti filled with fondue cheese and spinach) tomato, cream and parmesan sauce
  • Agnolotti alla piemontese (agnolotti filled with meat); traditional piemontese sauce with gravy, porcini mushrooms and parmesan


Langhe Favorita, Piemonte Barbera

Lesson 3
Crespelle - Cannelloni
Gnocchi alla parigina

  • How to make crepes and fondue cheese
  • How to make cannelloni
  • How to make gnocchi alla parigina (pate choux dough)


  • Crespelle alla valdostana (crepes filled with cheese and ham, with parmesan and light cream)
  • Gnocchi alla parigina (pate choux gnocchi au gratin)
  • Cannelloni all’italiana e alla piemontese (pasta and crespelle rolls filled and Gratined in the hoven)


Chardonnay, Piemonte Moscato

Lesson 4
Gnocchi di patate e semolino
Potatoes and semolina gnocchi

  • How to make potatoes and semolina gnocchi
  • Assorted gnocchi shapes: traditional gnocchi, strozzapreti, offelle di patate


  • Gnocchi con pesto alla ligure (gnocchi with pesto sauce)
  • Strozzapreti alle erbe (herbs gnocchi with boscaiola sauce)
  • Offelle with prawns and zucchine (gnocchi filled with scallops and herbs)
  • Gnocchi di semolina alla Valdese (traditional semolina gnocchi)


Gavi, Barbera vivace

Lesson 5
Pizza, canapé and grissini

  • How to make pizza dough with different pizza topping
  • How to make grissini (bread stick)
  • Assorted canapé (appetiser or nibbles)


  • Nibbles
  • Pizza pancetta e cipolle (with bacon and onions)
  • Pizza melanzane e zucchine (with eggplants and zucchini)
  • Pizza con prosciutto crudo (with Parma ham)
  • Pizza peperoni e acciughe (with capsicum and anchovies)



Lesson 6
Antipasti freddi
Cold Entree

  • How to make fresh mayonnaise and fillings
  • How to make chicken salad
  • How to make grilled and marinated vegetables (eggplants and zucchini)
  • How to make prosciutto mousse and mousseline sauce


  • Vitello tonnato: veal sliced, topped with mayonnaise-tuna sauce
  • Involtini di bresaola: rolled meat with cheese feeling
  • Insalata di pollo, sedano e noci (chicken salad with celery and walnuts)
  • Melanzane e zucchine marinate (eggplants and zucchini marinated with lemon juice, parsley, garlic, mint)
  • Mousse di prosciutto in crosta con salsa mousseline (ham mousse, wrapped in puff pastry and mousseline sauce)
  • All served with grissini (homemade bread stick)


Roero, Arneis, Dolcetto D’Alba

Lesson 7
Antipasti caldi
Warm antipasti

  • How to make tartrà (leek flan)
  • How to make sfogliatine (filled puff pastry)
  • How to make involtini di pancetta e broccoli (bacon and broccoli rolls)
  • How to make tortino di zucca (brisé pie with pumpkin puré)


  • Tartrà alle erbe: leek flan with herbs and cream
  • Sfogliatine primavera: puff pastry filled with fondue cheese
  • Involtini di pancetta e broccoli gratinati: gratined bacon and broccoli rolls
  • Tortino di zucca e feta cheese: brisé pie with pumpkin puré


Fritto misto dolce: Semolini dolci, frittelle di mele e amaretti (sweet semolina, apples fritters, and macaroons)


Gavi, Grignolino

Lesson 8

  • How to make pan di Spagna (sponge cake)
  • How to make pasta frolla (short bread)
  • How to make pate choux
  • How to make crema pasticcera (custard)
  • How to make gelato alla vaniglia
  • How to make Crema zabajone


  • Risotto con pollo al curry (chicken risotto with curry sauce)


Langhe Favorita, Moscato


If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, contact us or call Mara on (07) 4124 5454.